In sports lore, Tyler born Johnny "football" Manziel is not only famous for being the starting quarterback of Texas A&M, and for winning the prestigious Heisman Trophy as a freshman, but for his notable escapades off the field as well.

Just this year, he has been celebrating his life by planting himself in the ultra expensive sideline seats at NBA games, and bar hopping with A-list rap music artists.  Hardly a crime by any stretch of the imagination.  But, being sent home from the Manning Passing Academy in July for "over sleeping" (some say it was an all night party), and recently saying that he could not wait to leave his college career behind, is sounding more and more like the resurrection of Ryan Leaf.

For those of you not familiar with Mr. Leaf, he was a college standout at Washington State University, before becoming the second round draft pick (bust) of the San Diego Chargers in 1998.  To make a long story short, Leaf is currently in the Montana State Prison on a seven year stretch stemming from drug charges and violating probation.

The latest fracas to breathe down Manziel's neck are accusations that he autographed "future" memorabilia, then collected money for his penmanship.  That's a huge no-no with the NCAA, which strictly prohibits promoting or advertising the commercial sale of a product or service.  If Manziel is found to be guilty, his punishment may include ineligibility to play football this season.

Manziel's father Paul, is also nervous about his son's behavior, expressing deep concern that fame and alcohol may lead to a lethal dose of unraveling for the star QB.  He is cautiously optimistic that there is still time to turn this thing around, but won't go as far as to bet on it.  Meanwhile, Las Vegas is already taking no chances, by removing "all action" on Texas A&M.