Billboard reports that plans are in the works for a new Bon Jovi album.  Fans will have to wait until 2013 though.

Jon has other projects in the works to get us by in the meantime, like the new star-studded film New Year's Eve.  He's also opening Soul Kitchen this week, the community restaurant his charity foundation has set up, in Red Bank, New Jersey.

Jon told Billboard he'll  continue to be driven by passion and not financial gain, and gave an interesting quote.  He says:

"My peer group aspired to be on the cover of Circus magazine.  I aspired to be on the cover of Time.  I could have sold my soul a hundred times over doing reality TV... Anything I do and present musically or professionally is always with the art first in mind."

It's worked for three decades!  We'll wait patiently for the new album.