Men - we have all been there before.  Don't think for one moment that the "man cave" you set up for NFL  action is the most frequently used room in your home.  Nope.  As a regular visitor to the DOGHOUSE, it's no wonder a DOG is called man's best friend.

We get in all types of trouble, don't we?  Just plain stupid stuff, huh?  Forgetting important dates like the first time you held hands at the amusement park when a rainbow appeared over your left shoulder at precisely 6:27 moments before gobbling down a slice of pizza with two toppings while waiting 17.46 minutes in line for the roller coaster where you sat in the third car from the rear and kissed for the first time after the fourth loop-to-loop!

Well, redemption is here!  Today, should be treated like a second chance Valentine's Day.  Buy the candy and cards if necessary.  Write an apology.  Send over a singing telegram (are their people that still do this?).  Take advantage of that Nike slogan and "JUST DO IT!"

Best wishes for "getting out of the doghouse"  --  day.