Taking nothing away from another unrecognized "holiday" (if you will), but Make Homemade Ice Cream and Invite the Neighbors Over Day (July 31) , will not be one of my favorite celebratory events.

First off, most of my neighbors are freeloaders!  If it was up to them, they would thrive on my generosity each time, without so much as bringing over a bowl to put the ice cream in.  Secondly, my passion for churning the "real deal" like Aunt Bee did on one episode of Andy Griffith, is right up there on my lists of things I can't wait not to accomplish, such as ice sculpting and quilt making.

So, for me, a happy compromise will consist of buying ice cream at the store, scooping the "Neapolitan, peanut butter, mud sludge, bunny tracks" flavor into a large bowl, then sitting on my cheap outdoor chaise lounge, trying to get one bite before the dog piles the frozen goodness into his mouth with a single tongue swipe.

But, don't let me stop you from using the day to call off sick.  Click here to give your boss all the specific.  The website looks authentic enough, right?