Ladies, have you tried on a bathing suit yet? Guys, have you told your gal how great she looks in a bathing suit yet?

It’s almost time to head to East Texas lakes like Sam Rayburn, enjoy the sunshine, hang out with friends and family, float in a boat, and grill some great food. I’ve got a friend with a lake house at Lake Cypress Springs an hour or two north of Tyler and that’s a quaint spot to relax by the water and roast marshmallows too. It all sounds like a great time, right?

Well, new research says there’s just one little thing that can ruin it for many women. The bathing suit!

A study by Australian researchers says just thinking about the act of entering a dressing room and seeing how we look in a bathing suit can put gals in a crummy mood. Really, they need research to figure this out? I suppose we can look at it this way, Flinders University has uncovered what many consider to be the truth.

The researchers say negative thoughts spawned by bathing suit fittings only make feelings of self-objectification worse, and it can lead to women to the kind of body shame that’s linked to eating disorders and depression. Yikes! I suppose we could always swim in scuba gear, completely covered up.

Oh, forget it ladies. Let’s by the bathing suits, flaunt our hot bods, flaws and all, and HAVE FUN this summer. That’s what it’s all about, right?

Perhaps we can learn something from those guys with the bermuda trunks and beer bellies that don't give two hoots about how they look in swimwear. They may be on to something.

One more time for good measure... have fun!