The editors at Vanity Fair must of had a few nightcaps while composing their annual "best dressed list".

When I hear best dressed, I'm thinking "GQ" cover.  Stylish, trendy, and sharp attire, suitable for an elegant night out.  I'm thinking wedding, prom, Kentucky Derby, fine dining, etc..

While we're at it, what is the definition of "celebrity", and what realm of entertainment does that include?  According to Vanity Fair, it's three athletes, and one up and coming pop queen, in addition to grandpa Richards and the rest of the pack.

If athletes and musicians are inclusive, then why not reality T.V. stars like Frederick the real estate agent, from the Bravo mega series "Million Dollar Listing New York".  Were any one of the Kardashian sisters on the list?

One thing is for sure, Mr. Blackwell is rolling over in his grave.

If Vanity Fair is going to count Richards, then I want to throw in a vote for "Meat Loaf":