There is no bigger Classic Rock fan than yours truly, but certain moneymaking endeavors of music megastars that put their logo on anything and everything make me sick.

First of all, I can't stand Arena Football League (AFL) games. For the same reason you won't ever catch me watching Canadian Football (CFL) on TV.  The AFL field is way too short, plus they ignore the true elements by playing indoors!  In the CFL, the field is actually a runway, so humongous in fact, that 747's take off and land between play calling.  But enough about my feelings.

Seems like Gene Simmons is a bored man these days, as the latest and greatest (mis)adventure for legendary rocker's KISS will be the "L.A. KISS":  the newest AFL team will debut in March 2014.

Simmons speaks of this new toy as having the same fever pitch enthusiasm associated with a KISS rock concert: "...thrilling, with heart pounding action."  Hate to break it to you Gene, but there are 14 other teams in the league with half-filled "arenas".

Why stop at just the name of the team?  Games should be played at KISS Stadium where employees should have to dress up in KISS uniforms. The hot dog vendor should wear face paint.  Sell KISS beer and KISS-corn.  KISS should perform at halftime.

Sorry guys, simply putting the KISS logo on football helmets is not likely to generate much of a buzz.  Unless there is money to burn, I'm guessing the fan burn-out factor will come quicker than realized.

There is some explainable reason why the number two market in the country, Los Angeles, does not have a professional football team.  It will fun to watch the crowds initially swell to capacity before the novelty fades into the sunset, like a bad Hollywood ending.

Good luck Gene!

Remember this classic rock smasher from 1978 by Ace Frehley?  It climbed to #13 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100: