East Texans - beware of a phishing scam now finding its way into Lufkin and Hudson thus far, and one that is smashing employee e-mails, in addition to private accounts.

Unless you are in the midst of an overnight delivery, reports are coming in that "you should check the status of your DHL package".  DO NOT click on any of the links provided, as a virus may be lurking on the other end, and whatever you do, DO NOT give out your personal information.

The internet is a great invention, but you still need to do certain things - in person.  Renting a home, meet the landlord - in person!  Buying or selling a large ticket item, meet the other party - in person!

Never wire money "back" to someone.  For example, someone sends you a $5,000 Cashier's Check for a $3,000 item.  The intended buyer then requests that you send them "back" $2,000 to cover the broker transaction.  RUN!  This is Scam Artist 101!

In the meantime, you should check your Email for a certificate notification congratulating you on winning an international lottery.  Just send "back" $49.95 to the originator of the document.  That's what I did.  JUST KIDDING!  Wanted to see if you were paying attention.

Be careful out there!