Now, for the most part, we're all pretty familiar with NASCAR, Indy and drag racing, but what do you know about lawn mower racing?  Well, here's all you need to know.

At the top of this video, Bruce Kaufman (President of the US Lawn Mower Association) states, “A lot of people don’t know what to think when they think ‘lawn mower racing.’” And you think to yourself: Yeah, he’s right, I have no idea what that could possibly be. I mean, I have IDEAS. You race against a lawn mower? You assign races TO lawn mowers? You set them up and have them race against each other? And then Kevin Penne, a mechanic, comes in to explain, “Well, we got racing. And lawn mowers. And we just combined the two.” And you think: Ohhhh. So, wait, still not sure. You attached lawn mowers to race cars? Or legs. You attach lawn mowers to legs? And then you think, listen, just show me the rest of this mini explanatory doc on lawn mower racing because I’m just kind of floundering here. One more thing I wanted to mention about this video quickly while I definitely still have your attention after the mottos thing we just discussed, definitely didn’t lose you there, is how great all the lawn mower racers nicknames are. If I were a lawn mower racer my nickname would be Mow Szyslak. It took me one second to come up with that name and it is the perfect name! Feel free to give YOURSELF a lawn mower name, and feel free also to come up with a twitter persona for that lawn mower name. Just spitballing

via Let’s All Learn About Lawn Mower Racing | Videogum.