Lindsay Lohan's globetrotting days may be over sooner than later.  Reports continuing to surface about her lack of cash flow, and yet another film festival dismissal make you wonder if she will soon be relegated to roles on Lifetime.

After pitching "The Canyons", her new erotic thriller at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival last week, with no takers mind you, she hopped on a commercial flight to Austin hoping to entice the organizers of the South by Southwest Film Festival.

The hospitable greeting Lohan was expecting from Texas never materialized as the decision makers decided against a slot showcasing her (ahem) acting talent.  The official statement read in part, that the film suffered from "quality issues", with "an ugliness and deadness to it".

Can someone say OUCH!!!

Maybe the film release folks would have stood a better chance if they didn't release this "movie trailer", but, before my scorecard shows "D-", you be the judge on whether or not this movie should be 86'd, or re-cast with real good actors.