It could be that because Texas is so large in area, that the state would have three entries in one of the worst contests in America.

According to a recent investigation, coming in at #10 is Indianapolis, and Columbus, Ohio takes the #9 position.

The San Antonio population increased about 16 percent in the past decade, and this explosion has propelled the city into the #8 slot with 15,000+ burglaries recorded in 2011!

At #7 is the city I expected to be the hands down winner - Detroit, while you had to figure L.A. (#6) and N.Y. (#5) would be in the mix somewhere.  Phoenix, with nine months of maddening heat, surprisingly made #4 (just too darn HOT to burglarize).

Even more surprising was the #3 entry.  Of the 61,000 property offenses committed in Dallas in 2011, over 18,000 were burglaries!

Rising to the #2 post is Chicago, but leading the pack at #1, the third of three Texas cities with the most burglaries, packing a punch of 1.5 times more property offenses than Dallas (108,000), the number of 2011 burglaries toppled 27,459, giving HOUSTON its unwanted recognition.