According to their website, Lon Morris College is located "mid the pine hills of East Texas" in Jacksonville, 30 miles south of Tyler, and this time of year, students at the private Junior College, would be enjoying summer vacation before class schedules began August 23.

But wait, something did happen that probably should not have happened, and sadly, a collage of college students find themselves learning one of lives toughest lessons, one in which no one signed up for the course; and rumor has it that all but 11 employees remain to bury the bones on a campus that celebrated its 100th commencement last year.

This news, that something imminent was about to happen, first broke on our sister station Newstalk 860,  at the beginning of May.

Perhaps, there is one positive ray of sunshine amidst dismal overcast skies -- the school is attempting to reorganize their debt, paving the way for a "re-do", if you will.