How much are you spending on your sig other for the holidays? Do you have to spend more if you've been together a long time? Oh dear, many say those long term relationships are gonna cost you. The longer you've been together, the more you have to pay for the perfect gift.

A new survey says 56 percent of women and 44 percent of men think the cost of holiday gifts should correlate to how long you've been dating your significant other.

Those in long term relationships get the shaft! By the time you're with your gal for thirty years you're going to have to buy her a new car. No wonder relationships fail.

Perhaps a guy who has only been with his gal for a year wants to spend more to really spoil her and keep it really interesting. And the old married guys may spend the least amount possible on cheap jewelry and what they think is a fancy new outfit just to keep things sort of interesting.

Black Friday is get a steal of a deal on something that looks expensive and everyone thinks cost a fortune, and your wallet survives just fine. Everyone is happy.

Have fun! And Happy Thanksgiving.