Anytime crime statistics are published, I'm always eager to see the ratio of solved crimes by category.  For example, the number of Robbery cases solved in 2012 compared to the total number of Robberies committed.

After speaking with public officials in other cities, one disturbing common denominator associated with high crime statistics and sub-par clearance rates, is typically attributed to a shortage of law enforcement personnel.

Those are the sentiments echoed by the Angelina County Sheriff's Office, citing manpower, or lack of, as one of the reasons for increased crime in the County, and while the City of Lufkin picture appears to be almost a twin of 2010 statistics, the 'door kick' burglaries are mounting, putting a black eye on that ratio of resolution.

The FBI Uniform Crime Report releases annual figures for city and county law enforcement by tracking and predicting crime trends.  Angelina County and the City of Lufkin are reported separately, and according to 2012 statistics thus far (January 1 through October 31), both City and County are looking for ways to improve their scores.