Just received my very first "water/sewer/garbage" bill since moving into the Lufkin city limits.

At first, I thought it was some sort of junk mail invading my mail box.  Kind of looked like I had won that free cruise.  You know, where you call the number on the postcard, give some boiler room outfit your credit card number, then find out there is no port in San Augustine -- well after your card has visited hundreds of on-line shopping malls.

Thankfully, I didn't toss it in the "round file" before discovering its legitimacy.  Thankfully, I read the statement in its entirety.  Thankfully, I didn't overpay for service (sewer/garbage) and usage (water).

I'm not particularly a brainy guy, but sometimes I have a "Columbo" moment.  For instance, when I'm checking out at the grocery store, and notice the grapes I purchased for $1.99/pound were actually scanned at double that, and it's now 7:00 P.M.  I'm the only one who has noticed this all day?

Getting back to the "water/sewer/garbage".  Noticed a voluntary $1.00 donation entry on the invoice for keeping "Angelina Beautiful"?

It felt as if I ordered a fast food burger and was supposed to put money in the 'tip' jar.  Just sayin'.