Ever been to an auto racing event where you tried to control your enthusiasm?  How about a horse race, where it's neck and neck between "Bumblebee", and "Sunflower"?  Don't forget that 100 yard wire-to-wire track and field event that raised your blood pressure 30 points in less than 15 seconds!  Then, there's catching the biggest fish at Toledo Bend's Big Bass Splash this weekend.

I guess the same could be said about the political arena.  Knowing three acquaintances currently holding public office, they have all expressed the massive adrenaline rush from the first day on the campaign trail, to exhilaration from the moments after polls opens -- culminating with exhaustive energy at the conclusion of the race.

Bob Brown is the new mayor of Lufkin, defeating incumbent (twice) Jack Gorden by a final vote of 1,515 to 1,061.