Be careful what you post on Facebook.  Anyone can see it, including police.

Ja'Bryant Davis is accused of breaking into Screen Geeks off of John Redditt Drive in Lufkin on September 5th and stealing phones.

Then later, Lufkin police noticed on his Facebook page that he asked if anyone wanted a phone.

According to the arrest affidavit, two people said they saw Ja'Bryant Davis with the stolen phones, and then Lufkin detectives found his facebook page that actually had a mirror picture of him with one of the stolen phones. That landed him in jail.

Officers say Facebook posts have become very useful tools, especially since Facebook is a free source and it takes very little effort on the part of detectives to find out information about someone.

Note to criminals - if you don't want to get caught, join the ranks of those of us who post pictures of kids and food. That's harmless!