Here's a new one on me.  Theft of political signage.  That's right, instead of making the vote count on the ballot, signs are reportedly being stolen from Lufkin neighborhoods.

Now really folks, and I'm speaking to the rip-off artists here, have you wondered why Taco Bell and Wendy's share the same pavement near Walmart?  Maybe because the word "choice" comes to mind?

Instead of taking down a political sign advertising for one group, why not express your values by putting up the competitor's banner right next to it, and if "private property" is going to be an obstacle to your freedom of expression, then drape your truck or car with your opinion, creating a mobile billboard.

It is almost guaranteed that more people will notice your viewpoints if you drive around the city all day, with your candidate(s) prominently displayed on the driver's side door.  But, there is one precaution to this campaign worth mentioning, and that is you may want to remove your advertising when you have to leave your vehicle unattended.