Around 40 years or so ago, Continental Airlines had the slogan, "We really move our tail for you".

Today, they may want to bring a portion of that saying back to life.

Why?  Here's the plight of a 33 year old lawyer giving folks an extra thrill during a February flight on a plane bound for Houston from Los Angeles in February.

While exposing oneself to a fellow passenger may not seem abnormal in our crazy society, Leonard Julius Sawyer claims the occupation of attorney. You would think he'd know that doing "naughties" in public is not the grandest of ideas, especially when it potentially involves fascination with the "The Mile High Club".

Making lewd gestures, from of all places, the middle seat really didn't jar the woman in "10A".  She simply moved to another location on the aircraft.  But, when he performed "Act II" for the Flight Attendant, he found himself without a parachute and pleading guilty to two counts of "lascivious conduct".

This story gives a whole new meaning to the words...."NO FLY zone"!