Watching the movie "Titanic" last night (not the 1953 version with Barbara Stanwyck, but the 1997 flick starring Kate Winslet), one my favorite scenes is when actor Billy Zane (Cal) realizes his money won't help him survive, so he cleverly grabs a child and secures a spot in a lifeboat.  Nice move!

Fans of the movie will remember "women and children first", being shouted amongst the crew members, so when all else fails, steal someone else's kid to save your own skin.

Now comes a new twist on priorities - for most.  It happened in England, where a couple on a three month water journey encountered high drama on the open sea.

Their yacht practically capsized after becoming immobilized in reef, causing most of the vessel to be submerged.  But that did not put the fear into one man, as he made it a point to rush to the aid of his beloved Jack Russell.  And, once the doggie was safely on land, the man went back to rescue - his wife.

By the way, the husband has been a volunteer for the National Sea Rescue Institute for 22 years, so he definitely knows what he's doing.