Guys, is it cool with you if your wife makes more money?

Researchers looked at incomes from 2006 to 2011 and found more wives in 2011 were out-earning their husbands.  Some guys get competitive about that, and others say cool, no problem!  Bring home that bacon.

Overall, wives are making more money and putting more into the family pot.  Women added 38 percent of the funds in dual-earner families back in 2006, and five years later women's salaries across the US accounted for 40 percent of the family means.

The analysis of Census data from the American Community Survey was published in USA Today, and says the highest median incomes for couples, was about $84,800, meaning both the husband and the wife were earning about $42,000, give or take a few bills.

Can we take away the larger point that regardless of who earns more dough, two incomes are needed to make ends meet?  It might not matter who is earning what, as long as the electric bill is paid and there is enough left over to hit the Cotton Patch Cafe once in awhile.  Now back to work.