Today is December 21, 2012, and for those of you that have been taking an extra dose of Xanax for the last two weeks in anticipation of the world's demise, we are still here to intelligently (huh?) discuss the Mayan calendar, and the global torture it instills.

"Doomsday", as it is referred to, thus far anyway, appears to be just another psychic vision of annihilation; or a script to what appears on the surface to be an inspiring screenplay, but when the dust settles, that's basically all that is left -- dust!

The culmination of the bak'tun (400 years) in the Mayan calendar (5,125 years old) has actually inspired a world awakening, instead of the forewarned impending disaster.

Hard to believe that people actually flocked to southeastern Mexico in celebration of the end of the world!  I can just hear the conversation now, "hey honey, let's travel over the southern border, and spend our last moments of life on a beachhead with thousands of others awaiting the arrival of ultimate destruction to our universe.

How many of those people do you think bought a one-way ticket, cashed on life insurance policies, or left their homes unlocked -- while they ventured to the city of Chichen Itza, the alleged centerpiece of today's activities?

By the way, at press time, the Mayan calendar still has 11 hours left to go in December 21.  So, we are not out of the woods yet!