When I go to the fair, I'm constantly amazed at the new sites that typically turn a vacant dust bowl into a sprawling metropolis for ten days or so.

Not withstanding the carnie rides of death and games that seem impossible to conquer, there are two sensations that draw humans to the fairgrounds.  Nope, not seeing and touching, but rather, smelling and hearing.

We all have are personal favorite smell of the open air, whether it be from a freshly made corn dog circling the food court, the wafting of newly cut grass integrating with hickory smoke, or the sweet aroma of incense when passing the candle's booth.

One of my personal favorite sounds is actually akin to clawing your nails on a chalkboard, but nevertheless, there is something pleasurable to behold, when watching a skilled artist create an animal from seven balloons.

Okay, Memorial Medical Center-Lufkin has come up with a crazy, personal touch for patients, that can only strike a positive chord in the healing process.

Check this out!  The housekeeping staff is making animals out of...towels!  Just thinking about this complex Rubik's Cube dexterity gives me that goose-pimple feeling.

You may have recently been admitted to the hospital and understandably don't do cartwheels when it's time for your middle of the night medication, but not all ailments are cured with pills.

I'm betting that nine out of ten people sharing a hospital room with a towel animal, can forget about their their medical condition, even if it's for only a couple of minutes.