Guys, you have it so easy.

Many women fight the weight battle their entire lives and it can seemingly take forever to lose a pound, and you fellas can drop weight at the speed of light it seems.  If you want to that is.  But once you make up your mind to drop pounds, you lose more weight, more quickly than women do.

How does this work?  The experts say men have an uncanny ability to avoid emotional eating, while women will sit down with a tub of ice cream and a spoon, watch their favorite TV show, and drown their relationship sorrows in the rocky road goodness.  Guys are good at avoiding sweets all together, and it's definitely easier for guys to drop sweets and other temptations while trying to lose weight.  And wahlah!  The pounds come off.

And also, all that masculine muscle of yours tends to keep metabolism high, and you burn up calories and fat more quickly than women do.  Good for you.

This news makes me want to emotionally eat a big piece of chocolate cake!

Losing weight during football season is hard for anyone.  There are too many chip and dip parties to attend, and too many cold beverages to consume.  But after football season you can lose it in a flash, which totally supports the urge to procrastinate.