We are stoked to announce that the only 2011 Texas date for Iron Cowgirl Missy is going to be at this years O.T.T. Rally!  Missy will be riding the entire trip from Michigan to OTT on her bike with her band following right behind.  Want to help escort her into the great state of Texas, and raise money to help wipe out Cancer?  Check out this awesome ride.

The O.T.T. is all about you, the biker. And you're going to love this biker.  In Association with the Oldest Town in Texas Rally (OTT) and Missy Covill "The Iron Cowgirl ", they're having 2 rides to raise awareness, education and funds for ovarian cancer.

Missy not only rides to fight cancer, she rides for herself as well.  She is a cancer survivor.   A few years back, she traded in her horse for an iron one with two wheels.  While she hails from Michigan, she has been to South Dakota to see the Mt.  Rushmore and Crazy Horse, North Carolina, Florida and all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.  She stops and camps all along the way on her rides and that's where she writes music about all the great experiences she's had and all the interesting people she meets.  And now, she's bringing all this to Nacogdoches!  She and her band will be performing at 10:30 p.m. on Saturday night at the rally.  If you're interested in being part on the "Teal" ride to help fight ovarian cancer, just follow the links above.