It was one of the most outrageously thrilling, incredibly techno, over-the-top stage theatrics concert I ever attended - 32 years ago!  The ticket price in 1980:  $10 for 3rd row center stage.  I'm talking about...

...Pink Floyd's "The Wall" tour.

'Hey You', guess what?  Coming to the Toyota Center in Houston on Tuesday, May 1st (curtain goes up at 8pm) and renamed "Pink Floyd - Roger Waters; The Wall Live", Q107 and Lufkin Dr. Pepper want to give you a chance to win tix, and now is NOT the time to feel 'Comfortably Numb'!

Did you hear me?  'Is There Anybody Out There'?  Simply 'Run Like Hell' to our VIP website ('re already there) where, if you are a current VIP, you will get the chance to rip us off for a pair of tickets.  Not a VIP yet?  Don't be a 'Another Brick In The Wall'.  Get registered TODAY!

Good Luck!