Don't want to openly 'dis on how our veterans are treated after active duty, but this may get your blood stirring.

Remember those three branches of government you learned about in elementary school?  What were they now?  Oh yeah, the "Executive", "Legislative", and "Judicial".

Well, the political faction gets a mountain of benefits after their term has concluded, while many members of our armed forces past and present, struggle to cope with physical and mental illness, in addition to making a decent salary.

Then they have to listen to yet another spineless blow-hard on CNBC talk about the need to close another veteran's hospital, all while explaining the urgency to study the mating habits of the nine tentacle octopus on Flag Day.

The Nacogdoches American Legion Post 86 will be at the Nacogdoches Farmer's Market with their mobile concession trailer on Wednesday (August 1) and Saturday (August 4).  Their purpose  -  to cater BBQ across Nacogdoches  -  to raise funds for U.S. veterans.

While I'm sympathetic to the abused animal cause, and sponsoring an underprivileged child in Somalia, grabbing a take-out plate just seems right  --  right now.