Man, remember the days before computers?  How did we survive?  I remember that every document that required type-written entries was a pain in the butt to do a second time if needed.

Let's say for example you simply wanted to update your Resume.  HA!  You'd have to re-type it all over again, and then after the "do over", you'd find another pertinent group of words that needed inclusion.  In went the typing paper for the...third time!

Note that Valentine's Day is NOT an officially recognized holiday by any State or Federal faction, and 'biz' goes on as usual tomorrow (February 14), so before you hit the mini-mart for that long-stemmed rose you should have bought last week, head over to "Work Force Solutions of Deep East Texas Nacogdoches County" (located at 2103 South Street), and let the experts assist you in producing a dynamic snapshot of your skills.

From 9 a.m. to 12 Noon take advantage of strengthening your interview prowess, then after a well deserved lunch period (they are not serving food; bring your own, or step out), go back for round two, making that Resume glow in the eyes of potential employers.  That session lasts three hours commencing at 1:30 p.m.

Whether you are searching for a full time position, seeking another career, or part-time cash, the Resume gets you in the door, while the interview gets you noticed.  Further, with nagging, consistent competition in the rear view mirror, it's important to shine like a new penny.

(936) 560-1441 for more info!