Living in Nacogdoches and watering your lawn go hand-in-hand, unless you don't follow the water rationing guidelines handed down by the city.

These attempts to conserve water are not drastic by any stretch of the imagination, but rather to curb over enthusiastic, and unnecessary use.

Residents with even numbered home addresses are recommended to only water lawns from 8 p.m. Thursday's to 8 a.m. Friday's, and from 8 p.m. Sunday's to 8 a.m. Monday's.  For the odd numbered home addresses, the recommendation is from 8 p.m. Wednesday's to 8 a.m. Thursday's, and from 8 p.m. Saturday's to 8 a.m. Sunday's.

Make sure you put this information on a post-it note, then stick it on your refrigerator.  There will be a test on this tomorrow!