Ever wish you could step up to the microphone and sound like Foreigner frontman Lou Gramm, or how about Queen's Freddie Mercury, or even Tommy Shaw of Styx when he sings "Crystal Ball"

Well, you may not have the right technique, or vocal range to pull it off, but then most of your audience won't know that either if you can master basic Karaoke.

Nacogdoches should be called the U.S. Karaoke capitol for as many establishments (Posados, Bullfrogs, and Lugnutz) serving the community based upon population totals.

Karaoke is also a way to overcome inhibitions while improving public speaking (singing), and stage fright.  Personally, I've never been booed for spouting Baritone, when the lyrics called for Soprano.  Most everyone in a Karaoke club wants to be their favorite singer, even if it's just for five minutes.

Have weekly tension buildup that needs a relief valve?  Let your "inner musician" take center stage.  You owe it to yourself.  If you muster the courage to sing, but are still apprehensive after that round of applause prior to punching your first note, then contact me - we'll perform a duet - and knock 'em silly!

If I still haven't convinced you, then keep listening to THE Classic Rock Leader Q107 and streaming on line at Q1077.com.  This way, you can sing along without anyone watching, and that's okay too!