Summer can be long on adults with youngsters in toe, so instead of having your children or grandchildren mesmerized on "YouTube" for the balance of the day, why not go retro for a change.

Most classic rockers will remember a thing called a library.  You know, that structure that houses a whole bunch of things called books?  The building with that lady inside whom "shshes" you for whispering too loudly?  The isles and isles of barely empty shelf space allowing you to see people on the other side?  And, I may add -- just enough to bestow a wink on Penny Popadakus -- my grade school sweetie.

The Judy B. McDonald Public Library, located at 1112 North Street in Nacogdoches, kicks off their "Back to School" (no, Rodney Dangerfield style it won't be) summer reading program this Saturday (June 1) between 12 Noon and 2 p.m.

Toss in Shark Week, Touch a Trunk, and magic shows among others, and the kids will experience something reminiscent of our time -- before the almighty computer took over world dominance.

Not sure what "Touch a Trunk" is?  Click here for more info, or call the library at (936) 559-2970.