Imagine you're a kid getting ready to play a game with your 10-and-under softball team, and all of a sudden a stream of police vehicles come into the parking lot and approach the field.

A little scary? Then you learn it's your dad, a marine, who has been away for an extended period on a military deployment. Surprise! Welcome home Dad. That emotional moment happened Friday night in Nacogdoches.

Matthew Turney had been deployed overseas for the past eight months, and decided to surprise his wife and daughters with the police escort. They were shocked and emotional as you might imagine, and even the rest of the girls on the softball team ran up to hug 9-year old Preslie's dad to welcome him home. The Lufkin Daily News and Nacogdoches Sentinel have more on the story.

With that boost of energy at the beginning of the game, the Vendettas softball team went on to win their game.

What a night! And what a perfect week to be home. Happy Indepedence Day Turneys!