People who are runners tend to speak a different vernacular than us folks who prefer walking to running for fitness, or sport.

Just yesterday, I was speaking to a colleague who was going to run a "10K" next month.  As the case has been with others informing me of their marathon conquests, I acknowledged this one sided discussion with something like "how long did you have to train?", or "that's a ton of distance!"

But in reality, while knowing 26.2 miles makes up the marathon, to this day, I do not have one dang clue on how far "5K" is, or in this case "10K".  So, I looked it up, after 40 years feigning intelligence on this topic.

Want to know what I found (you probably knew this already)?  The letter "K" stands for kilometer, which is equal to 6.2 miles, hence a "10K" run is equal to 6.2 miles (10 x 0.62); a "5K" stands to reason is 3.1 miles (5 x 0.62, or one-half of 6.2).  Couldn't we call it, and I'm just spiff balling here, how about the "6.2 mile run"?  Anyone up for some geometry tomorrow?

The 10K "Running of the Blooms", presented by the Nacogdoches Convention & Visitors Bureau, takes place on Sunday, March 3, commencing at 7:15 a.m. (run, jog, or walk) on the Nacogdoches Azalea Trail.

Call 936-564-7351, or visit here to learn more.