Do you reside in a "Neighborhood Watch" community?  Not sure?  You can either ask your "neighbor", or look for that unmistakable warning sign posted prominently in the "neighborhood".

I've lived in multiple "Neighborhood Watch" areas, but can't remember one time receiving any written documentation outlining community involvement in the program.  Not even a flyer sitting at the base of my front door, nor a bulletin notice posted in the Recreation Room, or a "neighbor" personally inviting me to an informal gathering.

In one instance, after living seven years under the watchful eye of "Neighborhood Watch", upon moving away, it came to the realization that I had not known the name of one "neighbor"!

Nacogdoches is hoping to put an end to this "neighborly" doctrine by celebrating National Night Out in Texas on Tuesday, October 2, where residents will hold block parties, whereby encouraging them to spend time with their  --  you guessed it  --  "neighbors".

559-2618 is the telephone number for anyone interested in forming a "Neighborhood Watch" program.