Nikki Sixx's band, Sixx AM, has a new album in stores called This Is Gonna Hurt.

If that title sounds familiar, it's likely because Sixx released a book by the same name in April.  Like Sixx's previous book, 2007's The Heroin Diaries, it also had a Sixx AM album attached to it, titled The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack.  However, Sixx told us that this time around, you don't necessarily need both the This Is Gonna Hurt album and book for the full effect.  He said, "You can listen to the music and never pick up the book or vice versa."  Of course, the Motley Crue bassist doesn't mind if you lay down the bucks for what he calls "the full package."

In the end, Sixx says, "the messages in the book started to become the messages in the Sixx AM album songs and then sometimes the messages in the songs started to force me to, sort of, look at things differently and maybe write about them."