Don't look now, but Ozzy and Company are flying high again, as Black Sabbath is scoring big "across the pond", where their latest collaboration, "13' is garnering critical acclaim, debuting at Number One!

It's been a long time coming for "Sabbath", because the last time they nailed it BIG, was with "Paranoid" in 1970, and while Ozzy should remember his marks of achievement, he flatly cannot recollect 10 years of his his life.

Here's what he had to say to Reuters.  “The best thing is that we are still f—ing all alive to be in a band."  “...I kind of missed the ’90s, you know? I must have been in a cocaine haze, because I can’t remember the ’90s at all.”

Ozzy continues “...I don’t get up and the first thing I say is that I will have a shot of brandy. I don’t do that or smoke cigarettes anymore … We are alive and it is a lot more more fun being sober and enjoying your fellow workers that you are working with.”

Now that Ozzy is grateful to be given a second chance, he's already talking about a follow up to "13', but that is just talk right now, and for the interim, "Sabbath" is enjoying new found stardom with not only its legion of old classic rockers, but also a new generation of fans.

Enjoy this clip for a live performance in 1982: