Amazingly, people will never give a second thought to becoming a scam victim.  Most of us think it only happens to other people, huh?

Nacogdoches police are in the middle of an ongoing investigation which suspects were actually brazen enough to use Deep East Texas Workforce Solutions (DETWS) as their ground zero base.

As the story goes, a job was posted through "Workforce Solutions" claiming to need about thirty employees to do construction work.  The potential candidates were then required to purchase a $60 prepaid money card to be sent to the company, in order to process fees for pre-employment.  The job seeker was also asked to submit their Social Security Number and account number for their newly bought money card.

When prospective employees arrived at the "job site", there was nobody there from the company to greet them.

The word coming from DETWS is that they do not knowingly post any available job requiring up-front costs, and are encouraging all that come in contact with this type of racket to contact not only DETWS, but local law enforcement as well.

This reminds me of the modeling agency scams I investigated some twenty years ago.  The ones that advertised in local newspapers for "new talent" to be seen by the top agencies in the world, after potential clients ponied up as much as $1,000 for a photo package.

While this scam was doing what it does best, prey on emotions, people couldn't stop shoving money to the con artists fast enough.  By the time the story broke, many families became broke as well, as they pinned their financial dreams on their five year old daughter being told she would become the next Christie Brinkley.

Many moms simply didn't understand that the picture lay-out came at the expense of the agency, after being discovered.