Had some business in Nacogdoches this morning, and on the journey back to Lufkin, I saw something on the highway that has not appeared before me in 15 years.  Is it because I've been "out to lunch", or have I been sleep walking through abnormal driving trips.  Right about now, you're probably saying to yourself, - "What's that weirdo talking about?...Outside of the collage of splattered, indescribable animals in their final resting place, where's the big mystery?"

Didn't mean to turn this into a round of the game show "I've Got A Secret".  That's Pete Best on the program, two years after being sent packing by the Beatles.

Okay, give up?

The answer:  A.......................... H I T C H H I K E R!

On a serious note, don't ever stop to offer one a ride - unless it's me stranded on the side of the road standing next to my lime green Ford Pinto!  "Lime Green" is the key word here.  If the car is blue, beige, gray, etc..., keep your foot on the accelerator.