We can think of many things that upset us on the road. But what is THE #1 pet peeve of drivers?

If you're one that cuts other drivers off and weaves in and out of traffic, other drivers are extremely annoyed.

A new study by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) recently published in an online issue of Accident Analysis and Prevention, and in it, researchers estimate that driver aggression is a factor in nearly half of all accidents. Half! It's not slick roads or trying to text while driving that causes the most accidents. According to this study, it's road rage.

The most common complaints about other drivers at RoadRagers.com involved cutting in and weaving (54 per cent of all complaints), speeding (29 per cent) and hostile displays (25 per cent).

Just 29 percent cite speeding as a complaint. The other 71 percent are speeders apparently.

Something to keep in mind today as you're riding on Loop 287 -- it may be tempting to let a bird or two fly at those driving near you, but it's best keep your hands on the wheel.