A superhydrophobic spray-on coating set to launch next year could dramatically change our perception of the phrase "water resistant."  It could save your phone, wallet, clothes, anything really.  Check out this video of the future!

Scientists have created a silicone-based spray that makes phones waterproof, clothes completely stain-proof and window-cleaning a chore of the past.

The NeverWet spray repels water and oil so strongly that it keeps materials totally dry when they are immersed in liquid.

An iPhone that had been coated with the product still worked while submerged in a bucket of water for 30 minutes, according to the spray's manufacturers Ross Nanotechnology.

Fruit juice, sauce and other liquids simply slide off clothes and shoes that have been protected with the spray.

"Water and heavy oils will just shoot off of it - chocolate, ketchup, mustard, that sort of thing," researcher Andy Jones told the Pennsylvania newspaper Lancaster Online.

And glass that has had the spray applied becomes so slippery to dirt that it washes off in the next rain shower.