If you have ever tried calling the Medicare number, you are well aware that a long wait on the phone is expected, and should you call on Monday or Friday, or the day before or after a holiday - look out!

So, it stands to reason that by you making the call, and with sometimes gargantuan hold times, the federal government reps have zero time to initiate a conversation with you.

But, even with all of the warnings given, there are still those that are very eager to give an anonymous caller their sacred social security number without hesitation.  Very costly to say the least, it's quite understandable for our senior population to fall prey to those scurrilous varmints without a heart.

This scam really never completely goes away, but rather resurfaces from time to time with a different twist, and when it does, another warning needs to be heeded, so here goes.

The latest scam hitting East Texas consists of an "official" with Medicare calling to tell you that new Medicare cards are coming in the mail, and personal information needs to be verified before they can be sent out.  It is your financial institution data that is being sought, and the "pros" on the other end of the phone are notoriously good at getting it from you.

Suggestion number one is to never answer your telephone, opting for it to go to voice-mail instead, while suggestion number two would be to have a prepared script capable of persuading the culprits that you are on to their scheme, and will not be duped into providing the details necessary for them to rob you.

Call the Texas Senior Medicare Patrol at (888) 341-6187 should you get that unwanted solicitation.