Although he's pretty talented with an accordion , parody song writer 'Weird Al' Yankovic recently enlisted the help of The Doors Ray Manzarek on his new original song, 'Craigslist'.

Musical parody king "Weird Al" Yankovic has attracted a lot of attention for his new CD Alpocalypse thanks to his spoof of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" and other pop hits, but the album has plenty for rock fans to love as well.  For one, Doors keyboard player Ray Manzarek appears on the disc, playing on the track "Craigslist."

The song is an original by Weird Al about the website Craigslist, performed in the style of The Doors.  The parody is so uncanny that it sounds just like some unreleased Doors track from 1970 , and even more so because Al tapped Manzarek to put his signature keyboard sound on the track.  Al tells ABC News Radio he was thrilled to collaborate with Manzarek, saying, "I mean, Ray is just such a cool guy and such an icon and it was just one of my all-time life thrills to be able to work in a studio with him."