It was only a matter of time before technology forced some new words into the Oxford English Dictionary. 

Those dictionary-powers-that-be added one new word this week that bent the rules, and shouldn't have been added just yet.  But it's so popular, and apparently here to stay, that they decided to add it now rather than wait!

The word "tweet" is now in the dictionary both as a noun and a verb, despite a rule the Oxford people have been using that says a new word needs to be current for ten years before it's considered.  But "tweet" is here to stay, and it's no longer just a sound a bird makes.

Other words added include "big data," "crowdsourcing," "e-reader," "mouseover," "stream" and "redirect."  Oh, and "Flash mob" too.  

Click HERE to see the full list of words that are officially part of life now.  "Smackhead" is on there.  Nice!