Did I fail to mention that many years ago, in order to make some extra bucks, I was hired on the local circuit as a rodeo clown? 

No, not the one that dodges the horns of ferocious bulls after the cowboy gets bucked off "Mr. Ed".  Rather, I was the audience clown.  Kind of the in-between, between the acts, entertainment portion.  Less prestigious and a whole lot safer, I was a horrible depiction of the spine tingling, jaw dropping, and gut wrenching action taking place in the dirt, by the REAL pros.

When you attend the Angelina Benefit Rodeo at the George H. Henderson Expo Center, among others, don't forget to notice the rodeo clown, Keith Isley, because it takes a uniquely qualified daredevil to execute a flawless performance in the eyes of imminent danger.  The rodeo runs through Saturday.