Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco confirmed on ESPN's NFL Live on Tuesday that he plans on changing his last name back to Johnson.  "I've done enough with this Ocho thing," he said.

Though he had originally announced his decision on Monday via Twitter, many are claiming this change is because of his strong interest in playing for the New York Jets (which he and Terrell Owens announced on 'The T. Ocho Show' last night).

"I love Cincy,we are gonna be fine, just a few minor adjustments n we'll be fine, I'll start with my name change 2 Johnson," he wrote.

He told ESPN's Trey Wingo that the name change "was fun" -- the Cincinnati star legally changed his name to Chad Ochocinco just prior to the 2008 NFL season; he was required to wear the "Johnson" nameplate on his jersey that year, but sported the "Ochocinco" tag in 2009 and this past season.

Any bets on when he's going to want to change his last name back to 85?