Jack Klugman began his acting career in 1954, appearing on the soap opera "The Greatest Gift", as well as a drama called "Justice".

It was in 1955 that he and Tony Randall first met one another, and fifteen years later they would star together in one the best television sitcoms in history, "The Odd Couple", which was based upon a Broadway play by Neil Simon, and starred Walter Matthau as "Oscar", and Jack Lemon as "Felix".

Having many roommates in my life (and being the "messy" one), before making my living conditions a solo act, I could surely relate to to the neat freak versus slob culture that defined the series.  Klugman won two Emmy's for his Oscar Madison performance that ran five seasons, from 1970-1975.

Klugman also sported roles on "The Twilight Zone", and "The Fugitive", while starring in the medical drama series "Quincy, M.E." (1976-1983).  His film credentials included "Days of Wine and Roses", along with my personal favorite, "12 Angry Men".

His first wife was actress Brett Somers, whom oddly enough, also played his wife in "The Odd Couple" (Somers died in 2007).  Klugman was a throat cancer survivor, and lost a vocal cord to the disease 23 years ago.

No cause of death has been reported thus far.

Jack Klugman was 90 when he passed away on Christmas Eve.