Ah, the good ole days. As you sit there checking your email on your smart phone, texting your friends and loved ones, and perhaps shopping or paying a bill with a new app, don't you kinda sort wish we didn't have any of this bothersome technology?

At least one rocker would like to turn back time and head to the vinyl days.

Neil Young remembers when vinyl was the way most people listened to music. The Wall Street Journal reports that Young is dissatisfied with the quality of digital music files these days, and says "What everybody gets is five percent of what we originally make in the studio."

Neil prefers that warm sound that comes from vinyl recordings, and while some artists still make vinyl albums, he knows we'll never go back to the vinyl format completely. What he suggests instead is a high-resolution format that would require 30 minutes per song to download. The warm sound would be there that way. The second part of his idea is a device for playback that could store the equivalent of 30 albums worth of music.

Maybe instead of all that trouble, we can just find a warm, crackling sort of soundtrack to play while we're listening to our iPods and pretend it's vinyl. Not that we don't love vinyl....it just seems like an awful lot of work to cook up what Neil is proposing. We'll let you know if Neil gets anything patented.