How many times have you walked around Lufkin Mall and popped in and out of Foot Locker or JC Penney without buying anything?  There's no harm in that, right?

There's one store in Australia that has posted notice to its customers right there on the front window, that there will be a $5 charge for coming in, browsing, and leaving without buying anything.  What?!  Can they get away with this?

Blame it on the internet.  Many people these days are using stores as display cases, and by that we mean shoppers take a look at the live item in the store but don't buy it, and leave the store to buy the product on the internet where it's sometimes cheaper.  Stores like Best Buy and Target have new policies saying their price match guarantees extend now to the internet, so they can compete with stores like

This store in Australia claims it's new $5 just-for-looking policy is in line with other clothing and shoe stores who are fighting back against window shopping.

Sometimes I go into a gas station just to use the restroom and I feel so bad about it I buy a pack of gum on the way out.  Perhaps we'll have to plan on buying socks every time we go to the mall.  The internet is changing the world...