Have you noticed a lot more warnings about the West Nile Virus this summer? I have.

And I have to admit, although I'm usually the family member that warns everyone else about recalls, potential scams, and severe weather potential, I haven't been all that concerned about West Nile. My spouse on the other hand, hoses down the kids with insect repellant every time we go outside, and wants to invest in the kind of insect spray that clips onto a belt loop and creates a vapor the constantly mists the bugs away. It's probably not a bad idea. I have seen the light.

The number of West Nile cases continues to climb in Texas, and Angelina County is no exception.

An updated report came out Friday from the state health department, listing how many people in each county have become sickened by West Nile. There have been five cases of West Nile virus this summer in Angelina County, and one case of West Nile Fever.

Prevention is key, since there's no vaccine for West Nile and no cure. North Texas, and especially the Dallas area has been hardest hit so far, but enough cases are popping up in East Texas to raise concerns.

It's best to clear away any standing water since mosquitoes like to gather there, and always wear insect repellant, preferably with Deet. In other words, listen to the spouse.

Schools in the area are spraying with insecticide. Nacogdoches has plans to spray some neighborhoods for mosquitoes, and Lufkin may do the same. Then we'll hope for a nice cold winter to freeze the virus right out of here.