Yesterday in a blog I mentioned women may be showing less skin at work because guys just can't handle the distraction caused when there is a lot of chest or leg showing.

Here's why the reverse may happen. We've just learned that hot pants can burn calories! Those skin-tight pants that vary in length from about calf-length on the south side, to covering "just enough" up north, can actually help a woman burn calories at work.

Here's the deal.

ABC News says the Zaggora Hot Pant is part of a line of clothing that can burn more calories because it does precisely what it's described as doing - it makes you hot.

The company's founder says you burn more calories when you're hot, and these pants can make you hot enough that you might sweat. When you stay in them long enough, calories are burned. Now the hot pants in question are a little longer than the ones pictured here, and they look more like workout pants. They're not exactly work attire, but a woman with a mission to burn a calorie will stop at nothing to make sure it happens. At the very least she may be wearing these under her business skirt.

These pants might work great in Texas in the winter, but in the summer time with the sweltering heat we'll just keep our fingers crossed for Cold Pants. Calories be danged.

ABC News says the hot pants have been lab-tested, and about 300,000 women who believe they work have liked the product on Facebook.

Us gals might be willing to try them, but for heaven's sake fellas, don't purchse them for us. It's one of those gifts that might get ya in the doghouse for subtley telling us we oughtta think about burning an extra calorie or two.

Suddenly that birthday cake in the break room is fair game. We'll burn it off with our hot pants.